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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the suspected murderer is a barber by trade. these photos from a social networking site show him hard at work one of several places surrounded by yellow tape today. a section of east taber where he was arrested was also a crime scene. this is wra surveillance camera captured genelle's image moments before she was kidnapped. >> super creepy. i have any little girl here. it's creepy, but i'm glad they caught the guy. >> police and fbi crime scene nfther investigators also spent the day collecting evidence where folks can't believe their neighbor was capable of kidnapping, rape and murder. >> strange and quiet. he didn't really say much. >> investigators say they're not quite ready to release anymore details about exactly what happened that night. jones's first court appearance is scheduled for next thursday. reporting live in fairfield joe vasquez, cbs 5 tfrments feds say
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a would be-be terrorist thought he could unleash civil war in the u.s. by blowing up a bay area bank. tonight kpix 5 reporter mark sayer learned some new information about this sglan the end of the line for matthew llaneza came here at this bank of america branch on headen berger road near the airport. he was actually an undercover fbi agent and agents arrested llaneza as he attempted to detonate what he thought was a bomb. neighbors say the family has lived here for yearss and very reclusive. they are also shocked by today's sglairs does that concern you? . >> well, yes tfk it does, especially with two small children. >> but llaneza also has criminal history in santa clara county. llaneza's own father told investigators that matthew had converted to islam. matthew was a former marine with
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the belief that the secret police or government is trying to follow him and according to today's federal criminal complaint, llaneza told the undercover fbi agent he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded. >> wow. sur real. that's as real as you're going to get for something to come that close to hope and hopefully -- thankfully it was thwarted. >> each contained what he thought was a powerful explosive mixture. he bought two cell phones, one to be used as a detonator the other as trigger, but because there was no bomb, it was all quite harmless. >> now court documents show this entire plot began back on november 20th when llaneza first naet undercover fbi agent. llaneza his first court appearance in federal court today. he does face a life sentence if convicted.
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new photos of the excop wanted for the murders of three people. these are the most recent photos of christopher dorner captured by hotel surveillance camera just days before his rampage began. for a second night the man hunt is underway in big bear east of los angeles. cbs reporter edward lawrence say it is weather isn't making it easy. >> officers have ended the search up in the big bear area because the heavy snowfall is making it too difficult to go through the woods in that area. now, there still are two dozen officers that are on the roadways looking for christopher dorner. in that big bear area they will pick up the search again tomorrow morning when the sun comes up and goes through that wooded area. now, the san bernardino sheriff also confirmed some of the tracks around that car were actually made by skis. they followed those tracks six miles, still couldn't find him. >> tactical teams are searching in a snowstorm as the hunt
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continues. the former police officer's burned-out truck was found near the big bear ski resort east of los angeles thursday. authorities are trying to search huns of cabins. >> we're going to continue searching until either we discover he left the mountain or we find him one of the two. >> police released surveillance photos of him at an la-area hotel january 28th. investigators say his rampage started six days later when he shot and killed two people including the daughter of a police captain. on thursday authorities say he exchanged gunfire with two police officer sxhs got away. later he shot and killed another officer who was at a stoplight. >> police in los angeles are on high alert. officers continue to look for clus that may lead them to the suspect. >> investigators searched the home of dorner's mother and carried out boxes of evidence. u.s. marshalls and armed officers stood nearby. >> we want to take precaution. >> dorner declared war on law enforcement in the manifesto he posted on facebook.
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the 33-year-old also blooefs he can avoid capture writing "i will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training i've been given." dorner will need those survival storms if he's still in the big bear area. the snow is falling and temperatures are below freezing. >> the lapd is still on tactical alert. they are very nervous because they've already seen the bullets christopher dorner has can rip right through patrol cars and bullet proof vests. that historic blizzard blasting the northeast right now is only going to get worse as the night wears on. this is the scene in boston at this hour. the governor banned driving statewide but a cnn reporter is out in the thick of it driving around lt. tens of millions of people are in the path of the storm. huns of thousands are already without power this evening and travel virtually impossible right now. thousands of flights have been cancelled and public transportation in many cities is
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at a standstill but soum are making the most of being stuck in the storm. a snowball fighting flash mob erupted in the streets of boston tonight but for most people the storm is no fun at all. chief meteorologist has been watching it tracking it on high deaf doppler. paul. >> it's not just snow. it's the wind, and the wind has knocked out power to so many folks. this is a pretty significant problem out there. we had a weather system come down from the great lakes in canada. we had a different weather system come up from the gulf of moeks ko. where those two merged you get what's called a nor'easter. this time of near a nor'easter can be a significant snow maker. that's exactly what we have going on right now. we are talking about significant snowfall for the next 12 to 24 hours. in hartford, connecticut tonight, cbs report ir is reporting live and marly i would have to assume it is not
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just the intense snowfall, it is that wind you're getting some gusts up to 60 miles an hour. >> that's right. gusty winds here in hartford, connecticut, and that's fart of the reason why no one is going anywhere. the roads behind me, as you can see, are empty with most people heat heeding officials' warnings to stay inside. now, blizzard warnings are in effect from parts of new jersey to maine with wind gusts up to 70 -- 75 miles per hour. travel is virtually impossible right now. drivers in two states have been ordered to stay off the roads. mass transit is a mess and thousands of flights are cancelled through saturday. there are also thousands of people without power several officials have declared emergencies and are already warning about the cleanup ahead. >> as we see greater gusts we expect more foeshgs to lose their power. >> the recovery will be slow.
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people should prepare for that. >> stay home, read a good book, watch a movie take it easy. >> the hardest-hit areas will receive up to 3 feet of snow, and flooding will also be an issue, especially in coastal areas. back to you. >> all right. marly hal reporting live from hartford yt krt. couldn't be anymore different around here as our rain fall moved out. a lot of details on how warm we're going to get. wait till you see how toesty we're going to get. >> all right. paul thank you. coming up new details in a bay area murder mystery. what the killers warned a millionaire's wife not to do if she wanted to stay alive. and the nasty outbreak that forced a popular bay area restaurant to close temporarily. and the one thing you should never do if you're feeling sick.
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kumra was blindfolded and gaged with packing tape. his hands and his feet were also bound behind his back. kumra's wife told police the attackers then tied her up next to him saying, quote be quiet if you want to live. she called 911 as soon as they left but kumra was dead of as fixuation by the time officers arrived. forensic evidence led to three men with oakland gang ties. police say the ghost town gang and the money team gang have been working to goeter targeting asian and east indian families. investigators think that a prostitute led them to kumra's home. a bay area steak house is back open for business after serving up something that made people sick. kpix 5 reporter told us the place need add thorough cleaning. >> the burnetts started suspecting something was off when they overheard the whispers
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of waiters. >> i did hear them saying wash your hands wash your hands. so, now, it's kind of all coming together. >> then they couldn't order the appetizer they want sgld we had a total cleaning today so there's a couple things we don't have. >> an noravirus thing is exactly what shut down the walnut creek steak house two days ago. two diners and several employees came down with the stubborn virus which causes diarrhea and vomiting and can also only be banished from surfaces with bleach. it was enough to keep this couple from even walking through the doors this evening. >> safe place down the block. >> workers cleaned and disinfected the place for 14 hours today and had to retrain on food handling and undergo an inspection before reopening. management would not go on camera but released a statement saying we're reopening tonight because we feel confident that we can safely do so. this is an isolated occurrence. but it's the second aggressive
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noravirus outbreak linked to a restaurant in this area in ten days. dozens of people were sickened after an event catered. health officials say the virus is so contagious it's tough to track where it's coming from. a lafayette school also had an out brake. i spoke to doctors today. they told us what they always tell us. the best defense is wash your hands with soap and water. don't just use hand sanitizer. it just doesn't work against it. live in walnut creek kpix 5. >> you feel sick so what do you do? maybe google your symptoms, try to figure out what exactly is going on what's wrong with you. dr. kim says don't that. why trying to self diagnose can backfire. >> you can find a ga zillion things wrong with you if you wanted to. aneurysms, cancer, all that stuff. i feel like i'm a doctor sometimes. >> from the common cold to the rarest and most exotic diseases, the internet is filled with
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information about every possible ailment. for a growing number of people all that information may pose a greater danger to their health than what might actually ail them. >> it's like hypokond ra, which is triggered by the internet. >> it's called cyber chondria. it's when people spend hour after hour online reading self-diagnosing and stressing out. >> my left arm was getting like, quite numb sometimes and sore. i looked that up, and the first thing that shows up, i'm having a heart attack. >> fear cannot just kiep getting escalated, escalated. how are you feeling today. >> by the time people see a neurologist based on what they've read online, they think the worst. >> that's the risk, which is there by using all these random searchs. >> 28-year-old says she cannot stop. with each symptom she reads about there's another right behind it and more behind that. it goes on and on. >> i'm hoping to find, like, a sense of relief, but usually the
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exact opposite thing happens. i'm stressing my shefl. do i have this, do i have that. >> she diagnosed hearst with everything from heart disease to melanoma but there's never been anything wrong with her other than the stress and anxiety she suffers from self-diagnosing. >> i've gotten yelled at by numerous people in my family. >> cyberchondriacs may end up exaggerating treatment. they may not even want to see a doctor. >> i think the internet is greater source. i think the benefits outweigh the pearls. nothing is better than a visit to your doctor. >> kpix 5. see a doctor for your health. see a weatherman for the weather. go to the experts. >> yeah. unless it's >> oh, no, i read it in the internet. i'm not kidding. >> stop looking at the internet. we'll talk more about the sunshine that stays in. thankfully ken is wrong.
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. >> here's a peek at what we have tomorrow morning. it is going to be very chilly. tafk a look at what we have going on here. down near freezing again clear night. concord 34 fremont 34, below freegz for santa rosa, napa 32. livermore 33. some of our colder spots and we'll be down near freezing for the next several nights. look at this beautiful shot we caught earlier today. testing those new bay lights, and we had a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. gorgeous. we're going to have lots of gorgeous evenings in this stretch of weather. radar is clear and will stay that way for awhile. i don't see any rain fall any time soon. out of the first 39 days so far this year, 36 of them have been sunny. it's been a very try pattern but if you like sunshine, it's been very papty pattern for you. rain fall this morning gone because the low pressure area that caused that rain fall is also gone. moving to our south and east some high pressure building in. it's going to keep basically a lid on the atmosphere and give you lot of that.
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sunshine, day after day after day we're going to have sunshine but high pressure will stay up to our west so it's not going to get that warm for the next several days. it's going to keep us dry and also chilly at night with ten hours or more of sunshine every day for the next week as long as that high doesn't move, which it won't, the forecast will stay sunny and clear. sunshine, it's all about the sunshine for the next several days including your weekend. lows in the 30s each night but afternoons are going to get warmer and by the middle of next week well into the 60s some of you in the south bay this time next week may be close to 70. tomorrow kind of chilly. san jose 57 six degrees below average despite the sunshine. union city, you'll hit 56. a cold start but mild finish. we're talking mid 50s for san rafael, petaluma and san francisco. here's your extended forecast. monday tuesday wednesday low to mid 60s with sunshine, noid upper 60s near the baby the end of this week. that's a truckload full of
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sunshine. not a chance of rain any time soon much to the cha grin of one ken. >> what's the internet say about this. >> the internet does talk about meteors so don't go there. >> one bolt of lightening is going to hit him. that's the only thing that's going to happen. >> we'll worry about it then. coming up why a lot of people think the near of the snake is jingsed because of what's happened in the past. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed.
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looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. people are cleaning their home . well, we're just two day ace way from the year of the snake. >> yep people are cleaning their homes stufg red envelopes with money for the kids buying oranges all part of the tradition and as kpix 56 reporter sharon shows us, preparing food and lots of it. >> families in china host dumpling-mafking parties to celebrate lunar new year's eve. this klassic grandpa las restaurant carries on the centuries-old tradition. >> the significance is you have to make your own and you do it together. >> teach us how to make pork-filled pot stickers and a sugar-filled doe ball in soup. it's harder than it looks.
11:23 pm
>> there's a hole in it. >> will ma and her volunteers are members of a bert china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolism. >> the shaped like a crescent moon also shaped like a gold and silver ingot indicated prosperity. >> these students came for a taste of chinese culture and dumpling kwi seens. >> i want to bake them at home now. >> the new year 4711 is the year of the snake one of the zodiac animals in the lunar calendar. some say it's good for finances but others say snake years include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1941 and september 11th in 2001. some plan to slither from risk. >> move with caution just like a snake. be very cautious. >> so whenever you think of the year of the snake it does start on sunday so happy chinese new year. in san francisco sharon chen,
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kpix 5. a lot of stuff going on in sports. >> absolutely. could the warriors stop their skid in memphis? and bill murray makes another save at pebble beach.
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warriors... trying to avoid a winless roadtrip... ...0 for 2 when they took the floor tonight in memphis... . nba up top the warriors tried to avoid a winless road trip 0 for 2 where they took the florida knights in memphis where mark and the grizzlies were weight. warriors nice little stretch down three. curry knocks one down so tied at 83. clay thompson gets it, flips it over to curry. bufk et and the warriors were up by three but that was the best of the warriors right there because marc of the memphis grizzlies said good night now. warriors lose 99-93. they're 0 and 3 on the road. they're in dallas coming up on tomorrow. hey behind me is pebble beach, the way it looked like this morning. it all cleared up, though, in time for round two of the proam.
11:28 pm
former 49er tackle harris bart spy glass hill nice putt here and in this four some has murray leans in and says i'm not going to give it back to you. i'm going to give it to the crowd. that's just the spirit of pebble beach, folks. ted putter, jr. you haven't heard of him either. one of the coloaders. he's tied at nine under par as we go to pebble beach and dennis o donl. >> all right. thank you very much. james hahn was on fire today. he was five under par at the monterey peninsula. he is now just two strokes off the lead but watch the squirrel. he's getting ready to putt for bier di on 17 before he had to back off while the squirrel runs into the shot and comes across the green. hahn ends up missing that bird di opportunity. i asked him about it after wards. >> did the squirrel have the right on 17. >> absolutely. i was scared because they steal golf balls so i'm not sure what the rule. >> oh, come on. >> yeah.
11:29 pm
it happened before. i'm a you tube addict. i've seen it an you tube. >> is that right. >> yeah. and everything on the internet is true, right. >> two strokes off the lead. we will see you tomorrow after round 3 the at &t program with our par 5. see you tomorrow. all right. it's the eve of the giants fan fest at at & t park and tonight fans have already arrived. look at these people, camping out in the cold to be the foirs enter the ballpark in the morning. this is a hard core giants fan base here, and i'm sure they're hoping to be the first to catch a glance of new hairdo. >> got tired of the long hair. just needed something different i guess. >> i didn't know that you wore glasses. >> it's more of a looshgs you know. >> it's more of a look. >> yeah. >> in other words they're not --. >> they're not prescription. >> you look like a poet. i think you look like a poet. >> i feel like i could write a pretty good poem or two. >> he looks like a fourth
11:30 pm
grader. >> sophisticated. >> waldo. you buying it? no? young clark kent. >> but very suave. >> okay. all right. >> sophisticated distinguished. >> michael j. fox maybe. >> yeah. hand some. >> hey as long as he can punch them out down the play, doesn't matter what he looks like. >> he needs a good suit now to polish off the look. >> sthaert. >> we'll be right back.
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